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my name is Ben, from perth, Australia.
Feel free to ask for advice and help



i love Australia

Is the second one in the Guildford/caversham area?

The second one is in Dunsborough

Why i Love Australia - Part two

The Margret River ReigonĀ 

enjoy- Ben

My new sounds:

i love Australia

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

last one for a while

enjoy - BenĀ 

2/3, another eye shot of yours truly,

you dont know struggle untill you have to focus your slr onto your own eye without looking at the veiwfinder

enjoy - ben

i really love eyes,

yours truly

enjoy - Ben

Wrote this on the fly, needs a lot more work,

Enjoy- Ben

Jam today with Robbert Davies on the guitar and myself as vocals

made this up as we went,

enjoy - Ben

mllecare You're right ! Tanks :)

Any and everytime

while i wouldnt recommend it for everyone, Swimming with your SLR can give some pretty cool perspectives!

more of dunsborough

enjoy - Ben

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